Final Man Down (brw_0074) wrote in vgcolorbars,
Final Man Down

Update on request

teargrrl82 I am gonna post those Tekken pics here cause I want you to make me three more color barws with some more pics I found

Request under lj-cut

pics for Tekken bar, have it say Tekken is Love(there are eight pics, please size down a bit):

Then I want Evanescence color bars, here are the first four pics for the first Evanescence bar(have it say: Amy Lee is My Broken Angel):

Then this one(have it say Amy Lee is Fallen Love):

Then this one(Have it say Amy Lee is My Immortal):

please take your time. do these when ever you feel like. I am not in no hurry. i also anted to ask if you would add me as a friend? I DO SAME!
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